You can either directly listen to these examples, or you can download and play them in your favorite player. The Ogg Vorbis version was encoded with a quality setting of 3 and is meant for low data volume and transmission delays. For full quality, you can take the FLAC version.
Please note that the Ogg Vorbis versions have been matched to appear at the same volume, so you can easily judge the dynamics. The FLAC versions on the other hand are full scale, just like they would appear on a CD. For an impartial comparison of these, you can use foobar2000 to do an ABX test. See free tools. The DR values are measured on the full track. These examples may differ slightly due to the selected section. Also the Ogg Vorbis compression may alter the value slightly.
Here are the examples for listening and download. Depending on the browser's configuration, it may be necessary to right click on a file so that a menu with a download option appears: Ogg Vorbis logo FLAC logo
Here is a song from El Gordo. I did the CD mastering. The DR9 version was released on the album "Arbeiterklasse". The artist decided against the DR6 version in favor of a better dynamic.
El Gordo - "Die schöne und das Biest":
DR9: music file music file
DR6: music file music file
Here is a song from Indecision. It's a demo which I mixed and mastered. I also did some timing corrections. Despite the band agrees that the more dynamic version is better, they decided for the DR8 version on the Myspace player.
Indecision - "Soliloguy":
DR11: music file music file
DR8: music file music file
Here is a song from Eidetic. It's a song I mixed and mastered. Although, the band decided for a different mix for their released EP.
Eidetic - "Erinnert ihr euch?":
DR11: music file music file
DR9: music file music file
DR6: music file music file


For an ABX test, I suggest using foobar2000.

To play the downloaded examples, you need codecs for Ogg Vorbis and/or FLAC.

Alternatively, you may just install K-Lite Codec Pack, which gives you all common codecs you usually need in one package.
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